Digital Film Direction

First Semester :-
Class – 5 days in a week. (Maximum)
Duration of theory classes – 2:00 hrs per day
(Theory class will be held on March session from 6:30 pm & for September session from 5:00 pm)
Duration of Practical classes – 4:00 hrs each day
(Four days in a week)
Theory Paper- ( Maximum 3 days in a week)
1. Introduction to Film Making / Film language,                             Vocabulary and Directorial Practice/Elements of Screen Play Writing.
2. Elements of Photography.
3. Elements of Editing.
(Direction + Camera + Editing all department theory class)

Practical Class – (Maximum 3 days in a week)
1. Shooting Practical on Developing a
Moment or a Techniques of a scene capture method.
(1 day in a week with acting students)
(Three departments participate here)

2. Digital Camera operation with its all gadget like
Rig/ follow focus / slider/ Mini hand crane / Steady Cam etc.
(One class in a week with Digital Camera students. The students of camera department will operate their camera,
according to the demand of the direction students.)

3. Digital Film Editing (full time course) with Digital film Editing students, where they will Edit their work with their own footages.
( Editing + Direction Department)
( One day in a week)

                                        Film Session
Maximum Two days in a month.
4. Cinema session with analysis of the cinema.
(All department of Digital students will participate here)


Class – 5 days in a week. (Maximum)
Duration of class:-
Theory class – 2:00 hrs, per day, Maximum 3 days in a week.
Practical class- 4:00 hrs, per day, Maximum 3 days in a week.
Cinema session - Maximum Two days in a month.
Theory Paper-
1. History of Cinema.
2. Script writing techniques.
3. Advanced theory of Editing.
(Developing the film language  through process of Editing)
4. Advanced Camera theory.
( Developing Film language through process of Camera Moment/ operation / use of lens & light )

Practical class:-
4 Hours a day, weekly 3 days. (Maximum)
1. One day indoor shooting of a small scene.
2. One day out door shooting of a small scene.
3. One day editing with days Rushes.
(eight hours)
                                             Film Session
Cinema session maximum two days in a month for all digital department.
1.  3 hours session with Film Analysis.


Class – 5 days in a week. (Maximum)
Duration of class:-
Theory class – 2:00 hrs, per day.
Practical class- 4:00 hrs, per day.
Theory Paper-
(3 days in a week/ 2:00 hours) (Maximum)
1. Techniques of Non fiction film making & it’s methods.
2. Work on script writing for the Feature film (Maximum duration 100 minutes)
3. Basic knowledge of Art Direction.
4. Basic knowledge of Make-up.
5. Basic knowledge of Back ground Music.
6.Techniques of Continuity sheet maintain.
7. Techniques of shooting scheduling.
8. Techniques of Budget Break down.
Practical class:-
(Maximum3 days in a week / minimum 4 hours)
1. One to five minutes duration project film making. (Out door & in door based) Minimum 2 project before Diploma Film Making.
2. Practical on Song picturisation Process.
3. Edit your Project.
4. Making Diploma Film of 25 minutes duration maximum.


Few moments of  our classes




Each & every students of Full time Digital Film Making department will get facilities to learn & work with full profession equipment & studio system as an Intern. At the time of internship they will get a minimum pay for their work as a stipend.

 After completion of the Internship, every students will get professional certificate by ‘Impression Media Service’ (An Audio Visual Research Unit)