Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career !

Yes NIFFA have the experience of 30 years in the field of film studies. Each and every day we have a research & development work in this field so  only we can give you the best education and it's reasonable and necessary supports. Each and every end of the term organization will take an exam and you should deposit a project work according to the instruction of the academic body of the organization.




Get an excellent students community !

Yes, we, NIFFA can give you a permanent platform, from where you can share your  every feeling and  work with a lot of our past / present students and members of the society.


Get all International Film Festivals Platform ...

Yes get lots of opportunity to showcase your Film in various International Film Festivals. Organization will help you to move with your film to any festival in the world.

Excellent Faculty at the Finest Facilities

 We believe in education not in glamour. we have an excellent team who has come from the film Industry with a lot of experience, few of them National Awarded film Director/Camera man/Editor, few of them lecturer /workshops and external examiner of the university.  

Facilities to showcase your films in our associate OTT platform

Best students films will be showcased in our associate OTT platform (MINI MOVIE) and other platforms like ShortsTV, Youtube NIFFA shorts etc.  

Chalie Chapline is viewing something.


Get facilities of a film club

Originally NIFFA is a reputed film club of the eastern region, which is affiliated with the Federation of Film societies of India. There is a chance to view several Film festival and film shows as a member of the society in free of cost.

OTT platforms associate with NIFFA



Please don't wait for a false hope !


Yes, we can not give you the false hope that if you admit here, then you will get a job! Sorry, we can't.
Only your quality of education in this organization can give you a job. If you get 90% we will give you a direct placement in a production house or in a production or in a channel. If your number above 70%, then you will get maximum five interviews to get your job. If your number lower than 70%, then sorry, we can't do anything for you. Please Keep it in your mind from the very beginning days of your courses.


Don't mind, this is not a glamour hub!

Really, this is not a glamour hub! It is a real and pure film culture and educational organization. We can't give you an opportunity to meet a glamour every week. we can give you an excellent teacher every day, not a glamour.